Scroll Creation

Creating Scrolls:

Once they gain the required skills and abilities, characters can begin scribing spells onto scrolls. In general, scrolls are one use items, that are completely used up once the inscribes spell is cast. The spell is gone, the parchment (or rune paper) and ink are destroyed, and cannot be used again.


  • The skill & ability to scribe spells
  • Rune Paper
  • Inscribing ink
  • Time to scribe the spell
  • Recovery time

Rune Paper is specifically created for scribing spells. It is labor & time intensive, so it’s very expensive, unless the scriber makes it themselves (then it’s just expensive).

Rune paper is rated by it’s storage capacity, each ranking can contain one spell level. Example: Rune Paper I will contain one, 1st level spell. Rune Paper III can contain three 1st level spells, one 3rd level spell, or one 1st & one 2nd level spells (total of three spell levels).

Inscribing Ink is also time & labor intensive, but not so much as rune paper. It’s typically created in large batches, enough to scribe twenty spell levels is the standard.

When purchased rune paper costs approx. 200 gp per spell level. Inscribing ink costs approx 100 gp per spell level.

Inscribing Time takes a minimum of one day per spell level. This is a day (or days) completely dedicated to scroll creation. If the process is interrupted, the scroll and components are ruined, the time is wasted, and the entire process must be started again.

Small breaks for simple meals and sleep at night are allowed, but anything more involved will disturb the process.

Scroll Creation

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