Eater of the Dead

The Eater of the Dead is a special advancement profile for Paladins of Osiris

Only during extreme times and under desperate circumstances has a Paladin of Osiris been granted the transformation to an Eater of the Dead. The change is both a blessing and a curse, and is a special calling by Osiris to complete urgent tasks when certain, somewhat undesirable, skills are required.

Here are a few of the skills that can be acquired by an Eater.

Cure Disease: The Eater of the Dead’s ability to cure disease has not been hampered by its transformation. The Eater’s intimate knowledge of the undead has expanded its ability to cure undead related afflictions. In addition to disease, the power can instead be used to remove paralysis, fear, or other similar abilities caused by the undead.

(The description is intentionally left open for roleplaying. GM has final say in what can be cured.)

Detect Evil: The eater can detect undead in the same fashion a paladin can evil, (although it has lost the ability to detect evil).

Divine Aura: This ability alters the protection once provided by paladinhood. It now allows bodily contact with evil and undead creatures, and provides +2 to AC and +2 to rolls for saves versus the affects (other than disease) caused by undead.

This Aura can provide addition stamina and protection to the Eater during combat. Once per encounter the Eater can flare its aura, providing 1d6 temporary hit points for every 2 Eater levels it possesses. It is impossible to hide or be invisible while the Aura is flared. It can be extinguished (loosing all temp hp, from all sources) at will.

Divine Shroud: The Eater can make a Hide check, similar to a thief, to cloak itself in a shroud of shadows to avoid detection. This ability does not silence the Eater in any way.

Divine Health: Treading the border of an undead existence has stripped the Eater’s his immunity to disease, but it does gain +4 against any diseases caused by the undead.

Lay on Hands: For those who allow the vile contact of an Eater, it can take on the wounds of another, effectively healing them, and take the damage himself (heal 10 hp of damage, take 10 hp of damage). The damage absorbed cannot be reduced or nullified in any way, including temporary hit points.

The Eater can absorb 4 hp of damage/ Eater level each day, beyond this daily limit it can continue to absorb wounds, but it incurs 2 hit points of damage for every 1 hit point it heals. It cannot absorb wounds that would drop it to zero or fewer hit points.

For example: A 9th level eater can absorb 36 hp of damage per day (taking the damage himself). This can be all at once or spread throughout the day. After this initial amount, they can continue to adsorb wounds, by they take 2 hp for every 1 hp healed.

Aura of Courage: The Eater is immune to fear, allies within 10’ gain +2 on fear saves. This is a passive ability the is always functioning unless suppressed by some means.

Summon Undead: The Eater may cast the Summon Undead I spell during a combat encounter. Once cast, this ability is exhausted and cannot be cast again until recharged. This ability is recharged on a 12/d12.

Animate Slain Enemy: This ability can only be used on an enemy slain during the current encounter. The enemy must be a living humanoid (not undead). The Eater must have had an active role in their demise. To animate a freshly slain corpse, the Eater must pass a Charisma skill check using the victims former level as a modifier.

Regardless of the corpse’s former abilities, it is animated as a zombie for a duration of one round per Eater level. This ability can be attempted multiple times in an encounter, but may only be successful once per encounter.

Vengence of Osiris: This ability duplicates the Divine Weapon Spell. Usable once per encounter. On a hit of a natural 19 or 20, the weapon inflicts 2d10+Str Holy damage and the Eater gains an equal amount of Temp HP.

For the Master!: The Eater may force an adjacent, controlled undead to act as a meat shield to absorb the damage from a known melee or ranged attach. On a successful Wisdom save -2, the undead takes the damage instead of the Eater. Any damage in excess of the creature’s hp is still taken by the Eater.

Feast on the Dead: On a humanoid undead that the Eater has just dispatched; they may feast on the corpse, gaining sustenance from the rapidly fleeing negative energy. The feasting must take place immediately after destroying an undead.

By allowing themselves to be helpless to enemies as they feast, the Eaters savage the corpse and gain 1d6 hp for every 3 Eater levels. This amount can go entirely to healing themselves or to temp hp, but cannot be split between the two pools.

Once used, this ability is exhausted and cannot be used again until recharged. This ability is recharged on a 12/d12.

Eater of the Dead

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