The World has Changed

Thunderous, fire-breathing terrors once thought to be extinct are now sighted in all Three Kingdoms. More species and variants of dragons than written about in all the known libraries are spotted flying over towns, oceans, and wilds.

Those adventures that wander the dangerous and forgotten places of the world bring back tales of what they have seen. Dragons are gathering together. Some stories tell of massive brawls among huge groups of dragons. Others have reported entire valleys blanketed with dozens of dragons sunning themselves peacefully. You have seen dragons yourself gliding high overhead, well out of bow range.

Conflicting reports have raised a stir as clergy, sages, town’s folk, and nobles clamor about “what should be done”. The greenskins and Sutak, either riled up from the dragons, or taking advantage of the human’s diverted attention, have increased their raiding of villages and outposts bordering the Wastes.

Adding to the chaos, something is wiping out ships traveling between the Three Kingdoms. Fear-mongers blame dragons for destroying the ships, but the sea-faring giants dispute these claims. Vessels that complete their journey report many dragon sightings, but no attacks on the seas. Ships either complete the journey unmolested or disappear. Rarely, wreckage is found floating on the seas or washed up onshore.

Sages have gleaned vital bits of knowledge from ancient nachash scrolls. Only fragments survived the centuries, but the writings are generally believed to be prophecies of that foul and extinct race:

“…as a sign to the believers, when the gates are aligned, and the servants of the void again walk the land, and the Chosen have moved from their secret and unseen places, and are again poised to walk again in the land of their fathers and strike down those who cast their ancestors into darkness, then dragons shall gather, and there shall be…”.

Dragons are Gathering

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