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Who’s Your Daddy? (WYD) Summary

Wexlar’s metamorphosis from a paladin into something else has been smoldering in the background for quite a while. The paladin’s mantle was an ill-fitting suit that he finally shrugged off. The catalyst was a visit to a pocket-dimension prison housing an extradimensional horror. Even Wexlar cannot explain why he devoured the creature’s flesh … it was something that was just meant to be.

The vile deed was done, the creature was defeated, but the battle cost Wexlar his right hand and his paladinhood. Now he is something different, something exquisitely rare, a divinely sanctioned abomination, an Eater of the Dead.

From this change was also born his obsession to make his deceased step-father his undead pet. So the search began. Where is daddy dearest buried? The direction came from Seleha, the High Priestess of Osiris who communed with Osiris himself.

The questions and answers of the Commune of High Priestess Seleha with Osiris gave Wexlar and his cohorts the starting point they needed to start their journey.

Current Season Highlights

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