Dragons are Gathering

Into the Dark Mists of the Drow-Witch Natalia

We find our much changed group of adventurers deep in the Wastes hunting for a drow-witch that had controlled both the once cleric, now paladin of Osiris, Wexler and his wizard companion, Chiat. The hunt for this witch led them to the underground and long forgotten tombs of the Temple of Tyr. The sprawling underground caverns now have many residents, competing factions all drawn to this complex for different, yet related reasons.

The drow-witch has carved out her domain and secured it with mutated spiders and a strange dark mist. Ballacor, a traveling spirit of unknown origin, also has a lair here, guarded by magic portals and unknown glyphs the party has yet to detect. The third group the party has encountered is a cult of Orcus, Demon Lord of the Undead. (It was such a nice neighborhood until Section 8 Housing crepe in. Now it’s just loud music, evil rituals, homicides, and brain-eating undead. You can’t even walk your dog down the corridor without a group of Orcus’ thugs harassing you. Well, at least their pants aren’t sagging below their butts.)

Anyway, among the horrors of these once hallowed grounds, they chanced to find a set of illusionary walls and discovered a tomb holding several of Tyr’s faithful followers enjoying their well deserved rest in sarcophagi. One spirit appeared and questioned the group, offering a relic of Tyr in exchange for a pledge to return a stolen artifact; a crystal rod created by Tyr himself and given to select followers in times of specific need. Wexler took the pledge and his weapon was merged with a massive sword, a relic given to him by the spirit, imbuing it additional powers.

Then the party was off to see the smokin’ hot, pole-dancing drow-witch that is Natalia. First they made their way through the witch’s barrier of dark mists, fighting spiders that seems to be able to see them, even though the brightest light of the paladin’s shield could only be seen a couple of inches away.

Natalia made sure not to let them feel unwelcome, so she greeted them with taunts, jeers, silky-smooth insults…and a fireball.

All too easily they group made it through the mists. The thief Sadie was paralyzed by spider venom, which was quickly treated by the once ranger and now druid Osiris. Unfortunately, Grummish and the illusionist Sumiyah disappeared in the mists.

Once clear of the mists, a large circular room was found with strange plant roots crawling along the walls, holding dozens of web-cocooned victims. A quick search produced Grummish, his size helped to find him. The search for Sumiyah was still underway when a magical silence filled the chamber. And the party knew Natalia wanted to continue their play date.


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